Antonio Ramón Vaquero Sánchez

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Cattle grazing St. Augustine grass growing on peaty muck soils in the Florida Everglades developed anemia associated with the presence of Heinz bodies and suboptimal concentrations of selenium in blood. Selenium supplementation corrected the anemia, prevented Heinz body formation, increased the body weight of cows and calves, and elevated blood selenium.(More)
Systemic administration of mu-opioids at clinical doses for analgesia typically slows respiratory rate. Mu-opioid receptors (MORs) on pre-Bötzinger Complex (pre-BötC) respiratory neurons, the putative kernel of respiratory rhythmogenesis, are potential targets. The purpose of this study was to determine the contribution of pre-BötC MORs to the bradypnea(More)
This paper is devoted to a way of intending to improve the language mastery of students in every subject and in a broad range of education levels by using computer-based tools involving linguistic resources. Lexicon concepts useful for language learning are involved in dictionaries and other kinds of linguistic resources. These concepts (vocabulary,(More)
Opioids depress the activity of brain stem respiratory-related neurons, but it is not resolved whether the mechanism at clinical concentrations consists of direct neuronal effects or network effects. We performed extracellular recordings of discharge activity of single respiratory neurons in the caudal ventral respiratory group of decerebrate dogs, which(More)
Nowadays, ontologies have become a common component of natural language processing systems as well as of many others. Nevertheless, in spite of the existing explosion of ontological resources, they have been developed without a rigorous methodological approach. Furthermore the usage of semantic relations between concepts has been so subjective that has led(More)
Multibarrel micropipettes were used to simultaneously record unit activity and apply antagonists on individual inspiratory hypoglossal motoneurons (IHMNs) to determine the endogenous activation levels of NMDA, non-NMDA, GABA(A) and serotonin receptors responsible for the IHMN spontaneous discharge patterns in decerebrate dogs. IHMN activity is highly(More)
Regardless of the knowledge representation schema chosen to implement a linguistic resource, conceptual design is an important step in its development. However, it is normally put aside by developing efforts as they focus on content, implementation and time-saving issues rather than on the software engineering aspects of the construction of linguistic(More)
2 Objetivos de los proyectos Los proyectos SINAMED e ISIS están enfocados al acceso a la información contenida en una parte específica del dominio biomédico: registros clínicos de pacientes y documentación científica relacionada. Estos dos proyectos tienen una fuerte correspondencia mutua y una orientación diferente pero complementaria. está orientado(More)
Hypoglossal motoneurons (HMNs) innervate all tongue muscles and are vital for maintenance of upper airway patency during inspiration. The relative contributions of the various synaptic inputs to the spontaneous discharge of HMNs in vivo are incompletely understood, especially at the cellular level. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of(More)