Antonio Ramírez-de-Arellano

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Currently, construction and demolition waste (C&D waste) is a worldwide issue that concerns not only governments but also the building actors involved in construction activity. In Spain, a new national decree has been regulating the production and management of C&D waste since February 2008. The present work describes the waste management model that has(More)
In 2008, a legal frame was established in Spain for construction and demolition waste management. The new control model, called the Alcores model, presents a waste management closed loop and was previously tested in Seville in order to demonstrate its viability. In current demolition projects, specific barriers arise which limit the frame implementation.(More)
Methods to monitor the schedule and to control cost in dwelling construction projects are numerous and varied but commonly constitute an obstacle to a fast and agile response by construction managers, whose decisions require information to be comprehensive and summarized. A simple model to monitor these projects is proposed that can easily be implemented(More)
Building actors need accurate estimates in order to efficiently undertake the construction of buildings. The knowledge of real expected costs of construction works is a necessary condition for contractors to submit competitive tenders and for developers to be aware of the magnitude of their investment. In this paper, an innovative process-based model is(More)
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