Antonio Previato

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OBJECTIVES The effects of prolonged macrophage depletion on haematological parameters were investigated in aged rats and compared with those in young ones. METHODS Four weekly i.v. injections of dichloromethylene diphosphonate-containing liposomes (Cl2MDP-CL) were employed to achieve a prolonged depletion of bone marrow (BM) and spleen macrophages. The(More)
In this study, the binding of naturally occurring antibodies as well as of induced anti-spectrin antibodies to red blood cells (RBC), in relation with different ageing conditions, was investigated in the rat. RBC from aged animals, or from rats whose RBC were age-induced either by means of hypertransfusion (which blocks erythropoiesis) or by treatment with(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether macrophage-depleted rats may serve as a model for studying red blood cell (RBC) aging. METHODS Rats were macrophage-depleted by 4 weekly injections of dichloromethylene diphosphonate-containing liposomes (Cl2MDP-CL). The macrophage content of spleens and bone marrows (BMs) was investigated by immunohistochemistry and(More)
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