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Recent studies reported the use of suspended TiO2 powder as photo catalyst in the degradation process of several organic and inorganic substances in water, like chlorinated hydrocarbons, alkyl- and alkanoloammines and ammonia. In order to evaluate the possibility of using this method for a further removal of ammonia from wastewater after a biological(More)
isomeric level was measured to be r = 15.2~1.0 p,sec. The level decays by a 39.7-keV E2 branch (73.7+ 1.0%) to the 2145-keV 13/2 level and by a 750.7-keV M2/E3 branch (26.3~1.0%) to the 1434-keV 13/2+ level. An experimental B(E2) [17/2 —F13/2 ] = 11.4~0.9 e'fm is obtained for the E2 branch, impyling an effective charge of e~ = 2.49~0.10. To explore possible(More)
Infrared spectroscopy is a well-established techT* nique for investigating conformational equilibria, especially in those cases where the equilibrium between the two conformers is established rapidly. 2-Acetylfuran is an attractive molecule for conformational studies by infrared spectroscopy since its spectrum, from the pure liquid, contains a large number(More)
Trace transition metals (Fe(3+), Mn, Cu, Cd, Co, Zn, Ni) in environmental samples were analyzed by chelation ion chromatography using a mixed bed ion-exchange column with pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid (PDCA) and oxalic acid as eluent and large volume direct injection (1,000 μl). The two eluents, PDCA and oxalic acid, were tested, and repeatability and(More)
The recoil-distance method has been used in conjunction with heavy-ion reactions to measure the following mean lifetimes: v= S.O+ 0.6 and 34.1+1.5 psec for the (f7/2) ('2 ) states at 2700 keV in 'V and at 2754 keV in Ca, and 7=7.7+1.5 and 5.1+0.4 psec for the (f7/2) 4+ states at 2676 keV in OTi and at 2752 keV in Ca, respectively. The resulting B(E2)(More)
New Zealand White male rabbits have been watered for 45 days with surface water taken from three sites on Lake Trasimeno (Umbria, Italy) and from two artificial reservoirs along the Tiber River, one located on the upper tract of the river, just at the border between the regions of Tuscany and Umbria, and the other at the southernmost end of the Tiber(More)
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