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We propose an efficient and accurate method for imposing a desired autocorrelation on random sequences with arbitrarily distributed envelope. In particular, the method is applied to the simulation of Nakagami-m and Weibull fading channels, with arbitrary values of the fading parameter. The proposed method is based on the unidimensional Iman-Conover method.(More)
In this correspondence, we propose a new feedforward frequency offset or single frequency estimator which is based on a single weighted sample correlation with lag k, computed from N noisy observations. The new estimator is a simple generalization of the unweighted Lank-Reed-Pollon (LRP) estimator introduced in [G. W. Lank, I. S. Reed, and G. E. Pollon, ";A(More)
This work studies the impact of a specific channel time correlation model on the link-level performance of a coded OFDM system that uses iterative channel estimation. When the main focus of extensive simulation campaigns is to measure the overall system performance, it would be desirable to implement low-complexity algorithms that replace the(More)
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