Antonio Perbellini

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Twenty-nine patients (mean age, 61 years) received three intra-articular injections of 10 mg of hyaluronic acid in 1 ml of phosphate buffer; the injections were given at three-day intervals. Six of the patients had osteoarthritis, six had Duplay's disease, and 17 had both osteoarthritis and Duplay's disease. The patients were evaluated after each injection(More)
The efficacy and tolerability of 20 mg of hyaluronic acid were compared in an open, randomized trial with that of 40 mg of 6-methylprednisolone acetate, administering them both by an intra-articular route once a week for 3 weeks to patients suffering from inflammatory knee osteoarthritis. The results of the study showed that for up to one week after the end(More)
Septic shock was produced in 28 healthy mongrel dogs by injecting 10(8) Escherichia coli organisms per kilogram into the gallbladder following division of the cystic artery and duct. Based upon the circulatory responses and the mortality, two distinct groups emerged. In one, the cardiac index decreased significantly, and the total peripheral resistance was(More)
A noninvasive follow-up using duplex ultrasonography was conducted in 128 patients who had undergone carotid endarterectomy from January 1987 to December 1988. Repeated scans of the operated area revealed a distinct increase in thickened ultrasonographic features (32% vs 8%), and a stenosing lesion was detected in 8 patients. There was also a parallel(More)
Subclavian steal syndrome and innominate steal syndrome are well-known reasons of cerebral vascular insufficiency. Today this pathology can be corrected by extra-anatomic by-passes. In our experience in recent years (1980-1986) these by-pass (in our patients carotid-subclavian and subclavian-subclavian by-pass) gave very good outcomes. These are simple and(More)
Therapeutic and prophylactic management of 23 adults with inflammation of surgical interest using a new antibiotic, cefalexin sodium (Glaxo). 1.5-6 g/day were administered either i.m. (2 cases) or i.v. (21 cases) for 4 to 13 days. Examinations carried out before and after treatment showed that no damage was caused to the liver, kidney or haematopoietic(More)
The thrombogenicity of the graft materials is a significant factor incriminated in early failures. Some improvements have been achieved by modification of physical characteristics of the material as porosity, compliance, durability in order to improve patency rates. Platelets are major determinants of thrombus formation and may still be thrombogenic by(More)
A controlled double-blind multiclinic trial comparing the activity and tolerability of tolciclate and clotrimazole on skin candidiasis was carried out in twenty-seven dermatological departments throughout Italy. Two hundred and seventy-eight patients were admitted to the trial. Tolciclate and clotrimazole 1% cream and lotion were applied twice a day for a(More)
Eighty-seven laser angioplasty procedures were performed on 85 patients (73 men and 12 women). In the first phase (54 patients) a broad selection process included long occlusions (23.9 cm avg) and vessels with heavy calcification; in the second phase (31 patients) the authors treated vessels with shorter occlusions (10 cm avg) and less calcific. The primary(More)