Antonio Pardo

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— Low-cost tin oxide gas sensors are inherently non-specific. In addition, they have several undesirable characteristics such as slow response, nonlinearities, and long-term drifts. This paper shows that the combination of a gas-sensor array together with self-organizing maps (SOM's) permit success in gas classification problems. The system is able to(More)
—This paper describes a portable electronic nose based on embedded PC technology. The instrument combines a small footprint with the versatility offered by embedded technology in terms of software development and digital communications services. A summary of the proposed hardware and software solutions is provided with an emphasis on data processing. Data(More)
— Gas sensing systems based on low-cost chemical sensor arrays are gaining interest for the analysis of multicom-ponent gas mixtures. These sensors show different problems, e.g., nonlinearities and slow time-response, which can be partially solved by digital signal processing. Our approach is based on building a nonlinear inverse dynamic system. Results for(More)
BACKGROUND Sepsis is one of the main causes of death in adult intensive care units. The major drawbacks of the different methods used for its diagnosis and monitoring are their inability to provide fast responses and unsuitability for bedside use. In this study, performed using a rat sepsis model, we evaluate breath analysis with Ion Mobility Spectrometry(More)
This paper presents the experimental application of an autonomous mobile robot for gas leak detection in indoor environments. The application is focused to automatize a human-risky operation in indoor areas. The goal of the autonomous mobile robot is the localization of a toxic gas leak source. So, the mobile robot has to explore the whole area and perform(More)
A Differential Mobility Analyser (DMA) is a specific configuration of an Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) where ions with different electrical mobilities are separated in space, instead of in time of drift, as in classical drift-time IMS. This work presents results obtained with a parallel plate DMA instrument, with crucial differences in the sheath flow and(More)
During the last decades came up several epistemological and didactical models, and even many methods trying to explain how to improve learning or how to better teach in online learning or eLearning situations. The real fact is that these theoretical frames, generally suitable a priori, show paradoxical results when they are applied within real situations.(More)