Antonio Palacios

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This article analyzes if working memory (WM) is especially important to understand g. WM comprises the functions of focusing attention, conscious rehearsal, and transformation and mental manipulation of information, while g reflects the component variance that is common to all tests of ability. The centrality of WM in individual differences in information(More)
An analysis of stationary and nonstationary cellular patterns observed in premixed flames on a circular, porous plug burner is presented. A phenomenological model is introduced, that exhibits patterns similar to the experimental states. The primary modes of the model are combinations of Fourier–Bessel functions, whose radial parts have neighboring zeros.(More)
Different strategies were adopted to achieve increases in color stability in Tempranillo wines: (i) addition of maceration enzymes directly to the must, (ii) addition of commercial mannoproteins to the must, and (iii) inoculation of must with yeast overexpressed of mannoproteins. The addition of enzymes favored color extraction, and the wines obtained(More)
During the transformation of grape must sugars in ethanol, yeasts belonging to Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains are particularly involved. One of the stress conditions that yeast cells have to cope with during vinification, especially at the time of inoculation into must, is osmotic stress caused by high sugar concentrations. In this work, we compare(More)
In two experiments, we examined the effects of task and location switching on the accuracy of reporting target characters in an attentional blink (AB) paradigm. Single-character streams were presented at a rate of 100 msec per character in Experiment 1, and successive pairs of characters on either side of fixation were presented in Experiment 2. On each(More)
The ability of Karhunen-Loève ~KL! decomposition to identify, extract, and separate the spatial features that characterize a spatiotemporal system is demonstrated using video images from a combustion experiment and nonstationary states from a phenomenological model. Cellular flames on a circular porous plug burner exhibit a variety of stationary and(More)
Dynamical systems that operate near the onset of coupling-induced oscillations can exhibit enhanced sensitivity to external perturbations under suitable operating parameters. This cooperative behavior and the attendant enhancement in the system response (quantified here via a signal-to-noise ratio at the fundamental of the coupling-induced oscillation(More)
The tolerance of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae to desiccation is important for the use of this microorganism in the wine industry, since active dry wine yeast is routinely used as starter for must fermentations. Many studies have shown the complexity of the cellular effects caused by water loss, including oxidative injuries on macromolecular(More)
It is well known that overdamped and unforced dynamical systems do not oscillate. However, well-designed coupling schemes, together with the appropriate choice of initial conditions, can induce oscillations when a control parameter exceeds a threshold value. We demonstrate this effect in a specific system, a soft-potential mean-field description of the(More)