Antonio Pablo Jiménez-Jiménez

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Ribs of Ostreoidea and Plicatuloidea are defined as antimarginal, that is, perpendicular to the margin throughout growth. Morphogenetically, these ribs are unique, since, unlike radial ribs, they are secreted by a homogeneous mantle margin. Based also on the reconstructed shell secretion cycle in Bivalvia, we propose that ribs of Ostreoidea and(More)
Hutchinson’s (’89) road-holding model states that spiral ornaments of the snail shell (keels and low-curvature areas) dictate the growth path of the subsequent whorl, which in turn gives the signal for attachment of the next whorl. Experiments were performed with two species of the terrestrial snail Sphincterochila in order to test the role of the external(More)
In his comment to our recent paper (Márquez-Aliaga et al. 2005), Hautmann (2006) raises two interesting questions: (a) the ambivalent attachment to the substrate recognized in the species cristadifformis Schlotheim, 1820 and spondyloides Schlotheim, 1820, which we include into the Ostreoidae genus Umbrostrea, is in conflict with the sinistral attachment(More)
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