Antonio Pérez Yuste

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Most recent therapeutic solutions to treat Parkinson's disease seek continuous administration of dopaminergic agonists, as for example rigotine patches or apomorphine infusion pumps. Such drug-delivery devices are aimed at preventing fluctuations in drug plasma levels, which could cause certain symptoms such as wearing-off periods or dyskinesia. However, we(More)
INTRODUCTION Older adults' perception of their own risk of fall has never been included into screening tools. The goal of this study was to evaluate the predictive validity of questions on subjects' self-perception of their own risk of fall. METHODS This prospective study was conducted on a probabilistic sample of 772 Spanish community-dwelling older(More)
INTRODUCTION Falls in the elderly constitute a public health concern. The objective of the present study was to collect updated data on the frequency of falls in the Spanish elderly population, as well as to analyse their consequences and associated risk factors. MATERIAL AND METHODS This prospective study was conducted on a probabilistic sample of 772(More)
On 2nd of June 2011 the Institut Català d' Oncologia l'Hospitalet--Hospital Duran i Reynals hosted the first Meeting of Multidisciplinary Work in Oncogeriatrics. The reason for the meeting, which follows on from an initiative of the Medical Societies of Radiotherapy, Oncology, Geriatrics and Gerontology and Palliative Care and Medical Oncology, was to(More)
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