Antonio Orozco

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For several years, magnetic-based current imaging has been used to localize current leakages and shorts by imaging currents in integrated circuits and packages. Recent advances have enabled this technology to be extended to localizing high resistance defects in packages to within 30 /spl mu/m, an order of magnitude better than time-domain reflectometry.(More)
Magnetic Current Imaging (MCI), a sub technique of Magnetic Field Imaging (MFI), has been used for more than a decade to localize shorts at the package as well as die and wafer level in a non-destructive way. One particular hard category of shorts to localize is a short between power and ground; the so called power shorts. We show in this paper that MCI can(More)
This work focuses to improve the mechanical properties and investigates the growth of osteoblasts on a degradable chitosan/poly(L-lactide)/carbon nanotubes composite for tissue engineering. The morphological and mechanical properties characterizations were performed using scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) and rheometrics analysis system (RSA).(More)
Magnetic Current Imaging (MCI) has been used for more than a decade to localize shorts and leakages in packages non-destructively. Now that packages are becoming more complex with multiple dies inside the same package, MCI is showing its effectiveness in localizing these complicated shorts non-destructively when the Failure Analysis (FA) engineer does not(More)
Magnetic Field Imaging (MFI) is a widely used technique in the Semiconductor industry for non-destructive Electrical Fault Isolation (EFI) for shorts, leakages and opens. When the devices shrink and the mobile electronics industry has a more strict criteria for speed with low power consumption, making High Resistance Opens (HRO) failures more important to(More)
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