Antonio Munjiza

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The numerical modelling of particulate processes in environmental science increasingly requires an ability to represent the properties of individual natural particles. Considerable advances have been made in discontinuum modelling using spheres to represent particles. In this paper, we discuss recent developments that illustrate a way forward for tackling(More)
This paper presents a generic approach to generation of surface and volume unstructured meshes for complex free-form objects, obtained by laser scanning. A four-stage automated procedure is proposed for discrete data sets: surface mesh extraction from Delaunay tetrahedrization of scanned points, surface mesh simplification, definition of triangular(More)
Discontinua simulations are becoming an important part of computational mechanics to the extent that computational mechanics of discontinua is becoming a separate sub-discipline of computational mechanics. Among the most widely used methods of computational mechanics of discontinua are discrete-element methods, combined finite-discrete-element methods and(More)
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