Antonio Moreno

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Recent advances have been made in the genetics of two human communication skills: speaking and reading. Mutations of the FOXP2 gene cause a severe form of language impairment and orofacial dyspraxia, while single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) located within a KIAA0319/TTRAP/THEM2 gene cluster and affecting the KIAA0319 gene expression are associated with(More)
PURPOSE Clinical guidelines are useful tools to standardize and improve health care. The automation of the guideline execution process is a basic step towards its widespread use in medical centres. This paper presents an analysis and a comparison of eight systems that allow the enactment of clinical guidelines in a (semi) automatic fashion. METHODS This(More)
In recent years, much effort has been put in ontology learning. However, the knowledge acquisition process is typically focused in the taxonomic aspect. The discovery of non-taxonomic relationships is often neglected, even though it is a fundamental point in structuring domain knowledge. This paper presents an automatic and unsupervised methodology that(More)
This article complements the structural New-Keynesian macro framework with a no-arbitrage affine term structure model. Whereas our methodology is general, we focus on an extended macro-model with unobservable processes for the inflation target and the natural rate of output which are filtered from macro and term structure data. We find that term structure(More)
PURPOSE The agent-oriented paradigm has emerged as a viable approach for the development of autonomic systems in the healthcare domain. This paper reviews representative works in this area in order to identify the main research lines and study their level of applicability. Moreover, from the analysis of those works and the authors' own experiences, some(More)
This paper presents joint research between a Spanish team and an American one on the development and exploitation of a Spanish treebank. Such treebanks for other languages have proven valuable for the development of high-quality parsers and for a wide variety of language studies. However, when the project started, at the end of 1997, there was no(More)
Home Care (HC) assistance is emerging as an effective and efficient alternative to institutionalized care, especially for the case of senior patients that present multiple co-morbidities and require life long treatments under continuous supervision. The care of such patients requires the definition of specially tailored treatments and their delivery(More)
Motivated by recent innovations in service delivery such as ride-sharing services and work-from-home call centers, we study capacity management when workers self-schedule. The service provider seeks to maximize its profit (revenue from served customers minus capacity costs) when it controls capacity only indirectly. Agents choose when to work based on the(More)
The authors greatly benefited from discussions with Frank de Jong, Francis Diebold, Andrea Frazzini, Eric Ghysels, Antonio Moreno, Theo Nijman, Paolo Pasquariello, Ralph Koijen, Peter Schotman, Allan Timmermann, Bas Werker, Jeffrey Wurgler, Raf Wouters and seminar participants at the Bank of England, the AFA 2009 Meetings in San Francisco, the EFMA 2008(More)