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It has recently been reported that Ki-Ras protein can be modified in vitro by farnesylation or geranylgeranylation. However, a previous analysis of Ki-Ras prenylation in vivo found only farnesylated Ki-Ras. In this report it is shown that under normal conditions, Ki-Ras is farnesylated in vivo and when cells are treated with the farnesyl transferase(More)
In this paper we propose a Multi-Objective Ant Colony Optimization (MOACO) algorithm called CHAC, which has been designed to solve the problem of finding the path on a map (corresponding to a simulated battlefield) that minimizes resources while maximizing safety. CHAC has been tested with two different state transition rules: an aggregative function that(More)
In this paper we compare different policies to select individuals to migrate in an island model. Our thesis is that choosing individuals in a way that exploits differences between populations can enhance diversity, and improve the system performance. This has lead us to propose a family of policies that we call multikulti, in which nodes exchange(More)
This paper investigates the behaviour of the Evolvable Agent model (EvAg) in static and dynamic environments. The EvAg is a spatially structured Genetic Algorithm (GA) designed to work on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems in which the population structure is a small-world graph built by newscast, a P2P protocol. Additionally to the profits in computing(More)
ras oncogenes are present in several types of cancers but are most frequently described in colon and pancreatic carcinomas. Consequently, ras is being targeted for drug development as a means to develop therapies for these types of cancer. The ras protein is posttranslationally modified by the addition of a farnesyl group, followed by cleavage of the(More)
The ras protooncogene is involved in regulation of cell growth. Mutations that activate the protein result in uncontrolled cell growth. Ras undergoes a series of posttranslational processing events, the first of which, farnesylation, is crucial for the function of the protein. Inhibitors of the farnesyltransferase enzyme are therefore potential candidates(More)
Recently developed CAAX peptidomimetic compounds have been shown to be potent and specific inhibitors of farnesyl protein transferase activity and to block the growth of Ras-transformed cells. However, whether this growth inhibitory action is specifically a consequence of blocking oncogenic Ras signaling has not been determined. To address this question, we(More)
Manual visualization-based sleep stage classification is a time-consuming task prone to errors. Since the correct identification of sleep stages is vital for the correct identification of sleep disorders and for the research in this field in general, there is a growing demand for efficient automatic classification methods. However, there is still no(More)
In a connected world, spare CPU cycles are up for grabs, if you only make its obtention easy enough. In this paper we present a distributed evolutionary computation system that uses the computational capabilities of the ubiquituous Web browser. Asynchronous Javascript and JSON (Javascript object notation, a serialization protocol) allows anybody with a Web(More)