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BACKGROUND Hypovitaminosis D is a frequent finding in the elderly of northern countries. In Spain because of high sun irradiation it has been traditionally considered that hypovitaminosis D is not a frequent problem. In this study we have evaluated the prevalence of hypovitaminosis D in the elderly and the associated factors. SUBJECTS AND METHODS All(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperlipidemia contributes to the development and progression of vascular disease in organ transplant patients. Oxidative modification of low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) has been suggested as a key event in early atherogenesis. METHODS We conducted a pilot study in renal transplanted patients with persistent hypercholesterolemia above 6.5(More)
AIMS to assess the implementation of 1985 recommendations for the diagnosis of diabetes (World Health Organization [WHO]) in a primary care setting, and the physician's attitude toward the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus (DM). MATERIAL AND METHODS Subjects with a fasting plasma glucose (FPG)>6.1 mmol/l (> or =110 mg/dl) and with previously unknown glucose(More)
INTRODUCTION Haemophagocytic syndrome (HS) is a common manifestation of several congenital disorders characterised by a disruption of lysosomal secretion, interrupting the cytolytic pathway and triggering a dysfunction in the immune synapse. In this situation, the recognition of certain extra-immunological manifestations may help in the diagnostic process.(More)
INTRODUCTION Older adults' perception of their own risk of fall has never been included into screening tools. The goal of this study was to evaluate the predictive validity of questions on subjects' self-perception of their own risk of fall. METHODS This prospective study was conducted on a probabilistic sample of 772 Spanish community-dwelling older(More)
Microarray experiments are being widely used in medical and biological research. The main features of these studies are the large number of variables (genes) involved and the low number of replicates (arrays). It seems clear that the most appropriate models, when looking for detecting differences in gene expression are those who exploit the most useful(More)
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