Antonio Massaro

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Response strategy in the dual-solution plus maze is regarded as a form of stimulus-response learning. In this study, by using an outcome devaluation procedure, we show that it can be based on both action-outcome and stimulus-response habit learning, depending on the amount of training that the animals receive. Furthermore, we show that deactivation of the(More)
Dietary choline deprivation (CD) is associated with behavioral changes, but mechanisms underlying these detrimental effects are not well characterized. For instance, no literature data are available concerning the CD effects on brain mitochondrial function related to impairment in cognition. Therefore, we investigated brain mitochondrial function and redox(More)
F3/Contactin is a neuronal surface glycoprotein, which plays a general role in neural development and, in particular, in neuronal and oligodendrocyte differentiation. In a previous study using the F3/EGFP transgenic mice, which express an EGFP reporter under control of the regulatory region from the mouse F3/Contactin gene, the activation of the(More)
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