Antonio Massari

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The occurrence of a so called azygous anomaly of the distal ACA, consisting in a single branch, is rare. Authors report two cases of azygous aneurysm on which surgery was performed successfully, and describe their angiographic characteristics, the frequent association of an aneurysm with azygous and the morphological anomalies of azygous. A literature(More)
QBI is an icon-based query processing and exploration facility for large distributed databases [3]. As opposed to other interactive query interfaces, it combines (1) a <i>pure iconic specification,</i> i.e., no diagrams of any form, only icon manipulation, with (2) <i>intensional browsing</i> or <i>metaquery</i> tools that assist in the formulation of(More)
In this paper, we present both the theoretical framework and a prototype of a query processing facility that supports the exploration and query of databases from a mobile computer based on the manipulation of icons. Icons are particularly suitable for mobile computing since they can be manipulated without typing. The facility requires no special knowledge(More)
The importance of designing query systems which are effective and easy to use has been widely recognized in the database area. Also, it is well known that the adequacy of a system should be tested against actual users in a well monitored experiment. However, very few such experiments have been conducted. The objective of our study is to measure and(More)
In this paper we introduce Virgilio, a system which supports the construction of non-immersive VR-based visualizations of complex data objects representing the result of a query performed on a multimedia database. Virgilio takes as input the dataset resulting from a query on a generic database, displays attribute values of the dataset on virtual world(More)
We present a general purpose query interface for inexpert users based on the manipulation of icons. The user perceives the reality of interest as structured in classes and attributes while the system internally maintains a schema rich of semantic information. The query language, fully visual, is based on the select and project paradigm that has been proven(More)