Antonio Martinez-Millana

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Telemedicine systems can play an important role in the management of diabetes, a chronic condition that is increasing worldwide. Evaluations on the consistency of information across these systems and on their performance in a real situation are still missing. This paper presents a remote monitoring system for diabetes management based on physiological(More)
The application of statistics and mathematics over large amounts of data is providing healthcare systems with new tools for screening and managing multiple diseases. Nonetheless, these tools have many technical and clinical limitations as they are based on datasets with concrete characteristics. This proposition paper describes a novel architecture focused(More)
Diabetes is one of the metabolic disorders with more growth expectations in next decades. The literature points to a correct self-management, to an appropriate treatment and to an adequate healthy lifestyle as a way to dramatically improve the quality of life of patients with diabetes. The implementation of a holistic diabetes care system, using rising(More)
BACKGROUND Adoptions of health behaviors are crucial for maintaining good health after type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) diagnoses. However, adherence to glucoregulating behaviors like regular exercise and balanced diet can be challenging, especially for people living in lower-socioeconomic status (SES) communities. Providing cost-effective interventions that(More)
Google Glass is a wearable sensor presented to facilitate access to information and assist while performing complex tasks. Despite the withdrawal of Google in supporting the product, today there are multiple applications and much research analyzing the potential impact of this technology in different fields of medicine. Google Glass satisfies the need of(More)
Personalized health technology is a noisy new entrant to the health space, yet to make a significant impact on population health but seemingly teeming with potential. Devices including wearable fitness trackers and healthy-living apps are designed to help users quantify and improve their health behaviors. Although the ethical issues surrounding data privacy(More)
Diabetes management has no patterns in the actual health industry. Many models have been presented for monitoring its behavior focusing only in blood glucose values and basing patient evolution on diary records. The presented system describes the architecture for fully monitoring diabetes patients through a platform of subsystems built in different(More)
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