Antonio Martínez-Férez

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Oligosaccharides are included among the anti-inflammatory components of milk because of their prebiotic properties and their capacity to act as receptors of microorganisms. Here the intestinal anti-inflammatory effect of goat milk oligosaccharides (O) was assessed in trinitrobenzenesulfonic (T) acid-induced colitis in rats. Rats were randomly assigned to(More)
BACKGROUND Adequate intakes of calcium are required for optimal bone health and protection against chronic disease. Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium. OBJECTIVE The absorption of calcium from a range of fortified milks was measured in humans with the use of stable isotopes. DESIGN Fifteen volunteers participated in a randomized,(More)
A secondary treatment for olive mill wastewater coming from factories working with the two-phase olive oil production process (OMW-2) has been set-up on an industrial scale in an olive oil mill in the premises of Jaén (Spain). The secondary treatment comprises Fenton-like oxidation followed by flocculation-sedimentation and filtration through olive stones.(More)
Many reclamation treatments as well as integrated processes for the purification of olive mill wastewaters (OMW) have already been proposed and developed but not led to completely satisfactory results, principally due to complexity or cost-ineffectiveness. The olive oil industry in its current status, composed of little and dispersed factories, cannot stand(More)
Photocatalytic degradation of olive oil mill wastewater from two-phase continuous centrifugation process was studied. A novel photocatalyst with ferromagnetic properties was characterized and investigated. The degradation capacity of the photocatalytic process of olive oil washing wastewater (OMW) and mixture of olives and olive oil (1 v/v) washing(More)
Caprine milk contains a large amount of different sialylated and neutral lactose-derived oligosaccharides compared to cow or sheep milk. In addition, its oligosaccharide profile is very similar to human milk, which suggests it has similar physiological activity. Thus, the caprine milk oligosaccharide fraction is a very promising food ingredient for human(More)
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