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Candida glabrata is frequently resistant to fluconazole, and in advanced renal failure the safe use of this and other recommended drugs is limited. We report a case of a 56 years-old diabetic woman with renal failure and severe urinary sepsis from C. glabrata successfully treated with micafungin.
BACKGROUND Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is an inherited disorder characterized by the development and growth of cysts in the kidneys and other organs. In ADPKD patients, nephrotic range proteinuria is unusual and needs to be investigated further to exclude coexisting glomerular disease. Among the anecdotal case reports of ADPKD(More)
Arthrodesis of the hip is thought to achieve satisfactory clinical and functional results in the adult despite the loss of articular mobility involved (Santori et al., 1986; Russel, 1987; Weber, 1987). Over the long term, however, most patients develop secondary degenerative arthritis in the spine, contralateral hip, and knees due to overloading. The(More)
BACKGROUND Severe sepsis and septic shock are leading causes of morbidity and mortality among critically ill patients, thus the identification of prognostic factors is crucial to determine their outcome. In this study, we explored the value of procalcitonin (PCT) variation in predicting 30-day mortality in patients with sepsis admitted to an intermediate(More)
Among the 230 pituitary adenomas that we treated, 23 patients aging from 20 to 39 had a prolactin-secretary pituitary adenoma and were all demonstrating an amenorrhea-galactorrhea syndrom. It is not always very fast to establish the more and more frequently observed etiology of this clinical state, especially when the existence, or not, of a pituitary(More)
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