Antonio Maffucci

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In this paper, the effect of steep-fronted voltage waveshapes infringing on a pulse-width-modulated (PWM) inverter fed induction motor is studied. The system, composed of a feeder cable and a stator winding, is modeled and simulated by using multiconductor transmission line theory in order to predict the voltage distribution among the coils of the stator(More)
CNTs are recently discovered materials made by rolled-up sheets of graphene. They may be made either by a single shell [single-walled CNT (SWCNT) with radius ranging from 0.7 to 3-4 nm] or several nested shells [multiwalled CNT (MWCNT) with outer radius typically of the order of some tens of nanometers]. The length of a nanotube may reach the order of(More)
A new possible mechanism of signal detection in the THz range is investigated, based on the excitation of resonances due to the tunneling effect between two graphene nanoribbons. A simple detector is proposed, where two graphene nanoribbons are used to contact two copper electrodes. The terminal voltages are shown to exhibit strong resonances when the(More)
The scope of this Minireview is to provide an overview of the recent progress on carbon nanotube electrodes applied to organic thin film transistors. After an introduction on the general aspects of the charge injection processes at various electrode-semiconductor interfaces, we discuss the great potential of carbon nanotube electrodes for organic thin film(More)
This paper deals with the possible use of carbon-based nano-interconnects for terahertz applications. The electrodynamics of nano-interconnects, either made of carbon nanotubes or graphene nanoribbons, may be conveniently described by means of a semi-classical transport model, based on the modified Boltzmann transport equation. In this paper, this model is(More)
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