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The application of Lattice Reduction techniques over the MIMO channel matrix is known to improve the performance of MIMO detectors. Several authors have proposed Lattice-Reduction-Aided K-Best detectors for improving the performance of conventional K-Best algorithms. In this paper, efficient ways of decreasing the computational complexity of previously(More)
The n-alcohols butanol through nonanol and the volatile anesthetic ether increase the frequency of bursts of nicotinic acetylcholine (ACh) receptor channels induced by low concentrations of agonists. For example, 10 mM butanol increases the burst frequency induced by 0.2 microM ACh (a full agonist) and 1 microM decamethonium (a partial agonist) by 1.6-fold(More)
BACKGROUND Ion permeation through the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor channel is inhibited by general anesthetics. This inhibition could be mediated either by binding of anesthetic molecules to the channel protein itself or by the effects of anesthetics on the lipid environment of the protein. METHODS Patch clamp recording techniques were used to(More)
We used single-channel recording techniques to study the effects of general anaesthetics on nicotinic acetylcholine receptor channels. Normally, these channels remain open for a few milliseconds. Anaesthetics induce three different patterns of channel activity. Ether causes the channel amplitude to be smaller and noisier than normal; isoflurane induces a(More)
  • Domingo Gim Enez, Vicente Hernn Andez, Robert Van De Geijn, Antonio M Vidal, Domingo Gim
  • 1997
In this paper, we study the parallelization of the Jacobi method to solve the symmetric eigenvalue problem on a mesh of processors. To solve this problem obtaining a theoretical eeciency of 100% it is necessary to exploit the symmetry of the matrix. The only previous algorithm we know exploiting the symmetry on multicomputers is that in 21], but that(More)