Antonio M. G. Tommaselli

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Recent developments in the technology of optical digital sensors made available digital cameras with medium format at favourable cost/benefit ratio. Many companies are using professional medium format cameras for mapping and general photogrammetric tasks. Image acquisition systems based on multi-head arrangement of digital cameras are attractive(More)
Image acquisition systems based on multi-head arrangement of digital cameras are attractive alternatives enabling a larger imaging area when compared to a single frame camera. The calibration of this kind of system can be performed in several steps or by using simultaneous bundle adjustment with relative orientation stability constraints. The paper will(More)
Image orientation requires ground control as a source of information for both indirect estimation and quality assessment to guarantee the accuracy of the photogrammetric processes. However, the orientation still depends on interactive measurements to locate the control entities over the images. This paper presents an automatic technique used to generate 3D(More)
Small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based remote sensing is a rapidly evolving technology. Novel sensors and methods are entering the market, offering completely new possibilities to carry out remote sensing tasks. Three-dimensional (3D) hyperspectral remote sensing is a novel and powerful technology that has recently become available to small UAVs. This(More)
China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS) images present strategic importance for Brazil, providing support in several applications such as deforestation management and fire control, mainly in Amazon region. CBERS 2B carries three imagery sensors: High Resolution Camera (HRC), CCD Camera and Wide Field Imager (WFI), which provide images with GSD of 2.5(More)
Photogrammetric documentation can provide a sound database for the needs of architectural heritage preservation. However, the major part of photogrammetric documentation production is not used for subsequent architectural heritage projects, due to lack of knowledge of photogrammetric documentation accuracy. In addition, there are only a few studies with(More)
The aim of this paper is to present the current development status of a low cost system for surface reconstruction with structured light. The acquisition system is composed of a single off-the-shelf digital camera and a pattern projector. A pattern codification strategy was developed to allow the pattern recognition automatically and a calibration(More)