Antonio M Echavarren

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Graphite vaporization provides an uncontrolled yet efficient means of producing fullerene molecules. However, some fullerene derivatives or unusual fullerene species might only be accessible through rational and controlled synthesis methods. Recently, such an approach has been used to produce isolable amounts of the fullerene C(60) from commercially(More)
We report the synthesis and biological evaluation of a series of (-)-englerin A analogues obtained along our previously reported synthetic route based on a stereoselective gold(I) cycloaddition process. This synthetic route is a convenient platform to access analogues with broad structural diversity and has led us to the discovery of unprecedented and(More)
By reviewing the recent progress on the elucidation of the structure of gold carbenes and the definitions of metal carbenes and carbenoids, we recommend to use the term gold carbene to describe gold carbene-like intermediates, regardless of whether the carbene or carbocation extreme resonance dominates. Gold carbenes, because of the weak metal-to-carbene(More)
Cycloadditions of azides with alkynes to form triazoles under thermal conditions (Huisgen cycloaddition) [1] or in the presence of copper [click reaction, copper-catalyzed azide– alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC)] [2, 3] are reactions of fundamental importance in organic chemistry. Triazoles can also be obtained by means of ruthenium, [4] silver, [5] and iridium(More)
A practical aminocyclization of 1,6-enynes with a wide variety of substituted anilines, including N-alkyl anilines, has been achived by using cationic [JohnPhosAu(MeCN)]SbF6 as a general purpose catalyst. The resulting adducts can be easily converted into polycyclic compounds by palladium- and gold-catalyzed reactions.