Antonio Luchetta

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Personal use is permitted. For any other purpose, permission must be obtained from the IEEE by emailing Abstract— The rational use and management of energy is a key objective for the evolution towards the smart grid. In particular in the private home domain the adoption of wide-scale energy consumption monitoring techniques can(More)
— Testability is a very useful concept in the field of circuit testing and fault diagnosis and can be defined as a measure of the effectiveness of a selected test point set. A very efficient approach for automated testability evaluation of analog circuits is based on the use of symbolic techniques. Different algorithms relying on the symbolic approach have(More)
— In this paper, a modified learning algorithm for the multilayer neural network with the multi-valued neurons (MLMVN) is presented. The MLMVN, which is a member of complex-valued neural networks family, has already demonstrated a number of important advantages over other techniques. A modified learning algorithm for this network is based on the(More)
The parametric fault diagnosis techniques hold an important part in the field of analog fault diagnosis. These techniques, starting from a series of measurements carried out on a previously selected test point set, given the circuit topology and the nominal values of the components, are aimed at determining the effective values of the circuit parameters by(More)
The RFX-mod reverse field pinch (RFP) experiment applies active control on the MHD instabilities by acting on the magnetic field configuration at the boundary. These studies aim at acquiring expertise on the control of MHD modes that is also relevant for high beta discharges in tokamaks. To control the MHD activity, 192 saddle coils are installed, covering(More)