Antonio Lopez

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We present a full field laser Doppler imaging instrument, which enables real-time in vivo assessment of blood flow in dermal tissue and skin. This instrument monitors the blood perfusion in an area of about 50 cm(2) with 480 × 480 pixels per frame at a rate of 12-14 frames per second. Smaller frames can be monitored at much higher frame rates. We recorded(More)
This paper presents new significant advances in the Disciple approach for building knowledge-based systems by subject matter experts. It describes the innovative application of this approach to the development of an agent for the analysis of strategic centers of gravity in military conflicts. This application has been deployed in several courses at the US(More)
We propose a real-time pedestrian detection system for the embedded Nvidia Tegra X1 GPU-CPU hybrid platform. The pipeline is composed by the following state-of-the-art algorithms: Histogram of Local Binary Patterns (LBP) and Histograms of Oriented Gradients (HOG) features extracted from the input image; Pyramidal Sliding Window technique for candidate(More)
We observe efficient supercontinuum generation that extends into the visible spectral range by pumping a low differential mode group delay graded index multimode fiber in the normal dispersion regime. For a 28.5 m long fiber, the generated spectrum spans more than two octaves, starting from below 450 nm and extending beyond 2400 nm. The main nonlinear(More)
The identification of a beta-cell tracer is a major quest in diabetes research. However, since MRI, PET and SPECT cannot resolve individual islets, optical techniques are required to assess the specificity of these tracers. We propose to combine Optical Coherence Microscopy (OCM) with fluorescence detection in a single optical platform to facilitate these(More)
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