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Effective and robust operations, as well as security and privacy are critical for the deployment of vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs). Efficient and easy-to-manage security and privacy-enhancing mechanisms are essential for the wide-spread adoption of the VANET technology. In this paper, we are concerned with this problem; and in particular, how to achieve(More)
Vehicular communication (VC) systems are being developed primarily to enhance transportation safety and efficiency. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication, in particular, frequent cooperative awareness messages or safety beacons, has been considered over the past years as a main approach. Meanwhile, the need to provide security and to safeguard users' privacy is(More)
ÐIn high-performance systems, variable-latency units are often employed to improve the average throughput when the worst-case delay exceeds the cycle time. Traditionally, units of this type have been hand-designed. In this paper, we propose a technique for the automatic synthesis of variable-latency units that is applicable to large data-path modules. We(More)
WiFi - short for "wireless fidelity" - is the commercial name for the 802.11 products that have flooded the corporate wireless local area network (WLAN) market and are becoming rapidly ingrained in our daily lives via public hotspots and digital home networks. Authentication and confidentiality are crucial issues for corporate WiFi use, but privacy and(More)
This paper addresses the generation of test patterns having diagnostic properties. Our goal is to produce patterns able not only to detect, but also to distinguish faults in combinational circuits. A general formalization of the problem is first given; a new technique is then introduced to improve the diagnostic capabilities of a traditional ATPG; the(More)
— The TCP/IP suite, the basis for today's Inter-net, lacks even the most basic mechanisms of authentication. As usage of the Internet increases, its scarcity of built-in security becomes more and more problematic. This paper describes serious attacks against IP control and management protocols with an accent on the ICMP protocol, as well as some of the(More)
Application firewalls are increasingly used to inspect upper-layer protocols (as HTTP) that are the target or vehicle of several attacks and are not properly addressed by network firewalls. Like other security controls, application firewalls need to be carefully configured, as errors have a significant impact on service security and availability. However,(More)
— Transportation safety, one of the main driving forces of the development of vehicular communication (VC) systems, relies on high-rate safety messaging (beaconing). At the same time, there is consensus among authorities, industry, and academia on the need to secure VC systems. With specific proposals in the literature, a critical question must be answered:(More)