Antonio Lepore

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Graphical techniques are recommended for critical applications because they allow for visual analysis and helpful understanding of the results, also for non-statisticians. However, “graphical” estimation methods are often criticized because they are less efficient with respect to “analytical” methods. This paper proposes a new general graphical method that(More)
A titanocene-catalyzed multicomponent coupling is described herein. Using catalytic titanocene, phosphine, and zinc dust, zinc acetylides can be generated from the corresponding iodoalkynes to affect sequential nucleophilic additions to aromatic aldehydes. The intermediate propargylic alkoxides are trapped in situ with acetic anhydride, which are(More)
The recent work “Bringing closure to the plotting position controversy” (Makkonen, 2008a) states the impossibility of a different solution from the classical plotting position proposed by Weibull (1939) and promoted by Gumbel (1958). In this paper, a new and better distribution-free solution is obtained via axiomatic approach. The applicative implications(More)
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