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In this paper we introduce a technique to degenerate K3 surfaces and linear systems through fat points in general position on K3 surfaces. Using this degeneration we show that on generic K3 surfaces it is enough to prove that linear systems with one fat point are non-special in order to obtain the non-speciality of homogeneous linear systems through n = 4 u(More)
In this paper we prove the equivalence of two conjectures on linear systems through fat points on a generic K3 surface. The first conjecture is exactly as Segre conjecture on the projective plane. Whereas the second characterizes such linear system and can be compared to the Gimigliano-Harbourne-Hirschowitz conjecture.
We study Cox rings of K3-surfaces. A first result is that a K3-surface has a finitely generated Cox ring if and only if its effective cone is rational polyhedral. Moreover, we investigate degrees of generators and relations for Cox rings of K3-surfaces of Picard number two, and explicitly compute the Cox rings of generic K3-surfaces with a non-symplectic(More)