Antonio-Javier Gallego

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This study presents a multimodal interactive image retrieval system for smartphones (MirBot). The application is designed as a collaborative game where users can categorize photographs according to the WordNet hierarchy. After taking a picture, the region of interest of the target can be selected, and the image information is sent with a set of metadata to(More)
MirBot is a collaborative application for smartphones that allows users to perform object recognition. This app can be used to take a photograph of an object, select the region of interest and obtain the most likely class (dog, chair, etc.) by means of similarity search using features extracted from a convolutional neural network (CNN). The answers provided(More)
Binarization plays a key role in the automatic information retrieval from document images. This process is usually performed in the first stages of documents analysis systems, and serves as a basis for subsequent steps. Hence it has to be robust in order to allow the full analysis workflow to be successful. Several methods for document image binarization(More)
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