Antonio J T Marchese

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Early prognostic assessment of obstetrical brachial plexopathies (OBP) would facilitate rational selection of infants for brachial plexus surgery. We performed bilateral motor nerve conduction studies (MNCS) of axillary, musculocutaneous, radial, median, and ulnar nerves in 33 babies (age 10-60 days) with OBP in order to compare the amplitude of compound(More)
In 2009, four bathing sites in The Netherlands were monitored for potentially human pathogenic Vibrio species to observe possible associations with environmental conditions and health complaints. Three slightly different enrichment procedures were used to isolate Vibrio species with different growth requirements. Waters were generally positive for Vibrio(More)
Over the past several years, increasing evidence suggests that the Mediterranean diet has a beneficial influence on several age-related diseases, showing protective effect on health and longevity. Mediterranean diet refers to dietary patterns found in olive-growing regions of the Mediterranean countries. Previous data reported that in Sicily, Italy, the(More)
We designed an innovative frequency multiplexer based on contra-directional coupling and standing-wave resonators within a photonic crystal (PhC) structure. Three add-drop filters were cascaded, and the lattice periods of the PhC strips containing the cavities were changed to tune the dropped frequencies, with a very high degree of freedom. Each filter has(More)
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