Antonio J. Hernández

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High interhemispheric EEG correlation (INTERr) or coherence has been interpreted as a consequence of callosal interconnections. The EEG of a callosotomized (two anterior thirds) 32-yr.-old patient was recorded during relaxed wakefulness with eyes closed. 100 2-sec. artifact-free epochs were digitally filtered into traditional broad bands and INTERr was(More)
INTRODUCTION Deep sedation in critically ill patients is associated with a longer duration of mechanical ventilation and a prolonged length of stay in the intensive care unit. Several protocols have been used to improve these outcomes. We implement and evaluate an analgesia-based, goal-directed, nurse-driven sedation protocol used to treat critically ill(More)
A finite basis set particularly adapted for solving the Hartree-Fock equation for diatomic molecules in prolate spheroidal coordinates has been constructed. These basis functions have been devised as products of B-splines times associated Legendre polynomials. Due to the large number of B-splines, the resulting set of eigenfunctions is amply distributed(More)
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