Antonio J. Dorta

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The OpenMP source code repository (OmpSCR) is an infrastructure that we make available to the OpenMP community. It is based on a set of representative applications and it is supported by a Web site. The aim of this repository is to contribute to the knowledge and widespreading of OpenMP that in the recent times has become the standard tool for program(More)
The evolution of the architecture of massively parallel computers is progressing toward systems with a hierarchical hardware design where each node is a shared memory system with several multi-core CPUs. There is consensus in the HPC community about the need to increment the efficiency of the programming paradigms used to exploit massive parallelism, if we(More)
llc is a high-level parallel language that provides support for some of the most widely used algorithmic skeletons. The language has a syntax based on OpenMP-like directives and the compiler uses direct translation to MPI to produce parallel code. To evaluate the performance of our prototype compiler we present computational results for some of the(More)
llc is a language designed to extend OpenMP to distributed memory systems. Work in progress on the implementation of a compiler that translates llc code and targets distributed memory platforms is presented. Our approach generates code for communications directly on top of MPI. We present computational results for two different benchmark applications on a(More)
Infectious diseases of the ear are important in adults due to their incidence and relapses. We carried out a study of aerobic microorganisms on 251 otic exudates from patients diagnosed as having chronic suppurative otitis media without cholesteatoma (119), chronic suppurative otitis media with cholesteatoma (85) and chronic external otitis (47). The(More)
llc is a language based on C where parallelism is expressed using compiler directives. The llc compiler produces MPI code which can be ported to both shared and distributed memory systems. In this work we focus our attention in the llc implementation of the Workqueuing Model. This model is an extension of the OpenMP standard that allows an elegant(More)
High Performance computers have became an essential part of modern research, but the software tools used to harness their power have not reached the level of simplicity expected by the average researcher. Researchers are familiar with the logic of sequential coding and the time needed to learn new tools is seen as a distraction from their field of research.(More)
It is essential to know how the immune system acts in different neurological diseases, some of them non very well known or of unknown etiology at all. It was applied Reiber and Felgenhauer's formula in 56 patients with different diseases. IgA, IgM, IgG and albumin were quantified in sera and cerebrospinal fluid by simple immunodiffusion. It was observed(More)