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BACKGROUND Elderly patients become more important in oncology. In this group, personalized treatment approaches taking into account survival prognoses and comorbidities play a major role. Predictive instruments are necessary to estimate the survival of elderly cancer patients. The importance of separate instruments for different tumor entities has been(More)
The authors analyze 574 cases of heart failure observed in the Cardiology Department of the University Hospital Ignace-Deen in Conakry, in a period of 5 years (1981-1985), from the etiological and nosological standpoints. The result is that cardiac insufficiency is very frequent in the department and the patients, in most cases, are found in stage IV of the(More)
The cardiovascular pathology is dominated in Guinea, as in most third-world countries, by valve cardiopathies. These valve diseases are particularly severe and affect children and teen-agers, representing a real public health problem. The severity of these cardiopathies is also obvious because of the severe haemodynamic repercussions and the palliative(More)
PURPOSE This study compared single-fraction to multi-fraction short-course radiation therapy (RT) for symptomatic metastatic epidural spinal cord compression (MESCC) in patients with limited survival prognosis. METHODS AND MATERIALS A total of 121 patients who received 8 Gy × 1 fraction were matched (1:1) to 121 patients treated with 4 Gy × 5 fractions(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Hand-held echocardiographic devices have recently become available. Our objective was to determine, on the basis of clinical data and basic diagnostic techniques, whether hand-held devices offer additional information useful not provided by the initial cardiovascular diagnosis. PATIENTS AND METHOD We prospectively studied the(More)
Over a period of two years (1986-1987), the authors have studied the morbidity and mortality of various cardiovascular diseases in a hospital population of 268 patients. By comparing it with a previous similar study conducted over 5 years (1981-1985), they have reached the following conclusions: the prevalence of the main nosological groups is equivalent(More)
The authors study 11 cases of myocardial infarction, hospitalized in the Cardiology Department of the University Hospital Ignace Deen in Conakry, between 1981 and 1987 inclusively, in a total of 842 patients. The series includes 9 men and 2 women, with ages varying from 40 to 63 years, mean 52.4 years. From this study, it results that the frequency of(More)
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