Antonio Hernández

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The effects of three different enzyme-inducing agents (phenobarbital, 3-methylcholanthrene and rifampicin) on plasma and liver microsomal fraction paraoxonase and arylesterase were studied in rats. Although phenobarbital and 3-methylcholanthrene each increased the esterase activities in microsomal fraction, only 3-methylcholanthrene was capable to increase(More)
Studies on the localization of paraoxonases (PON's) are of interest because of its involvement in both the detoxication of activated organophosphorus pesticides and in the prevention of peroxidative damage to phospholipids and cholesteryl-esters in LDL and HDL particles and cell membranes during the atherogenic process. In the present study, we have(More)
Modulation of high-threshold voltage-dependent calcium channels by neurotransmitters has been the subject of numerous studies in cultures of neurons and chromaffin cells. However, no studies on such modulation exist in chromaffin cells in their natural environment, the intact adrenal medullary tissue. Here we performed such a study in voltage-clamped(More)
The existence of two or more enzyme forms with paraoxonase activity has been reported in sheep, rabbit, human and rat serum and recently in mouse and rat liver. In this study we describe the presence of two peaks with paraoxonase activity (M1 and M2) after non-specific affinity chromatography of rat liver microsomes on Cibacron Blue 3GA. The first peak (M1)(More)
Paraoxonase-1 (PON1) and cholinesterase (BChE) are two of the major human serum esterases. Although most of variation in PON1 activity results from genetic factors, there is growing evidence that environmental chemicals also modulate its activity. The aim of this study was to investigate whether environmental exposure to metal compounds has any influence on(More)
Leukemia is the most common cancer in children, representing 30% of all childhood cancers. The disease arises from recurrent genetic insults that block differentiation of hematopoietic stem and/or progenitor cells (HSPCs) and drives uncontrolled proliferation and survival of the differentiation-blocked clone. Pediatric leukemia is phenotypically and(More)
Although the effects of acute pesticide poisoning are well known for the pesticides most currently used, hardly any data exist on health effects after long-term low-dose exposures. Major unresolved issues include the effect of moderate exposure in the absence of poisoning. The increased utilization of pesticides other than organophosphates makes it even(More)
In this study opiates (morphine and codeine) and cocaine and its related metabolites (benzoylecgonine and cocaethylene) were analyzed in pericardial fluid by GC/MS. This is the first study reporting levels of drugs of abuse in this body fluid. The analytical method used has been previously validated and then applied to 54 drug-related deaths in the(More)
Today, there is an astonishing volume of scientific information available for researchers, which can be easily accessed through powerful search tools. Yet, the question now is whether all this vast amount of information is reliable. In this sense, a " bad science " controversy arose recently when many Open Access (OA) journals (more than a half) published a(More)