Antonio Gutiérrez-Martín

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OBJECTIVES A number of neurodegenerative diseases progress with a loss of myelin, which makes them candidate diseases for the development of cell-replacement therapies based on mobilisation or isolation of the endogenous neural/glial progenitor cells, in vitro expansion, and further implantation. Cells expressing A2B5 or PDGFRA/CNP have been isolated within(More)
  • Miguel Domínguez-Páez, José Luis Herranz-Fernández, Vicente Villanueva-Haba, Juan Carlos Sánchez-Álvarez, Gonzalo Olivares-Granados, Rafael García-de Sola +18 others
  • 2012
Our review of the literature is basically focused on the primary prophylaxis of early seizures after surgery of cerebral supratentorial tumors, with the aim of suggesting several recommendations in medical antiepileptic treatment to avoid this kind of seizures which occur immediately after surgery. In conclusion, it is recommended to provide criteria for(More)
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