Antonio Glaria

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A methodological proposal to estimate a Tailored to the Problem Specificity mathematical transformation is developed. To begin, Linear Analysis is briefly visited because of its significant role providing a unified vision of mathematical transformations. Thereafter it is explored the possibilities of extending this approach when basis of vector spaces are(More)
Changes in the electroencephalograms of patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass were studied. An analysis technique with a simple display of amplitude and frequency within the traditional bands was used. During the course of an operation, there can be dramatic changes in frequency contribution with little or no change in overall EEG(More)
A single channel EEG recording was made in 25 patients undergoing cardiac surgery and analysed using 5 different techniques--amplitude, cerebral function monitor, Fourier, Hjorth, and zero-crossing analyses. The results of the analyses were plotted as trend information on paper. These trends were studied for changes in the EEG during surgery. In the(More)
The EEGs of 9 infants and 9 adults undergoing cardiac surgery were analysed during 2 different temperature ranges. Variance analysis showed that there were very significant interactions between age and temperature effects (P less than 0.01) and between temperature and specific frequency bands (P less than 0.005). These interactions were studied further and(More)
The biological information coming from electro-physiologic signal sensors like ECG or molecular signal devices like mass spectrometry has to be compressed for an efficient medical use by clinicians or to retain only the pertinent explanatory information about the mechanisms at the origin of the recorded signal for the researchers in life sciences. When the(More)
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