Antonio Girolami

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This study aimed to verify whether consumers confirm their willingness to pay extra costs for higher animal welfare standards in a situation where a potential purchase performed by consumers, such as the Vickrey auction, is used. A 104-member consumer panel was asked to rate its willingness to pay (WTP) for plain and low-fat yogurts in 3 information(More)
BACKGROUND The relation between Factor VII (FVII) and tissue thromboplastin is not completely clarified, yet. Three FVII abnormalities, FVII Padua (Arg304Gln), FVII Nagoya (Arg304Trp) and FVII Shinjo or Tondabayshi (Arg79Gln) show different FVII activity according to the tissue Tissue Factor (TF) used in the assay system (rabbit brain, human placenta or(More)
Cerebral infarction is a rare pathology among children and its etiology can be identified in almost two-thirds of cases. The remaining one-third are considered idiopathic. Recently, inherited disorders of blood coagulation predisposing to thrombosis have been taken into account as a possible cause of childhood stroke. We describe here a case of a 6-year-old(More)
Thromboelastographic parameters r, k and am have been statistically evaluated in 777 normal subjects, 506 females and 271 males. The relationship existing among the parameters and their relationship with age have been investigated: r and k resulted to be correlated both in the male and female group. The same was true for k and am. On the contrary, a(More)
Blood viscosity indices, fibrinolytic activity and other serum proteins related to haemocoagulation have been studied in 36 patients with multiple sclerosis. The whole blood viscosity was found to be increased in multiple sclerosis. The increase was caused by a decrease in erythrocyte deformability since plasma viscosity and haematocrit were normal.(More)
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