Antonio Giaquinto

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In this brief, a synthesis procedure for cellular neural networks (CNNs) with space-invariant cloning templates is proposed. The design algorithm is based on the use of the evolutionary algorithm of the particle swarm optimization (PSO) with the application to associative memories. The proposed synthesis procedure takes into account requirements in terms of(More)
In this paper a design procedure of Fuzzy Associative Memories containing fuzzy rules for bidimensional pattern segmentation in CNN-based systems is developed. A Fuzzy Necessity/Possibility Technique is considered for these memories to provide binary segmented images adequate to be stored into cellular neural networks for object matching analysis.(More)
INTRODUCTION The defect detection on manufactures is of utmost importance in the optimization of industrial processes (Garcia 2005). In fact, the industrial inspection of engineering materials and products tends to the detection , localization and classification of flaws as quickly and as accurately as possible in order to improve the production quality. In(More)