Antonio Giacobbe

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the usefulness of routine ultrasound assessment of puncture site before performing percutaneous biopsy in diffuse liver disease. Seven hundred fifty-three consecutive patients were studied retrospectively. METHODS Serial scanning of the last intercostal spaces allowed us to establish the most suitable access to the thicker liver(More)
Gastric emptying of two different test liquid meals (500 ml isotonic saline and 500 ml skimmed milk, 1.8% fat) has been measured in 10 (saline) and in 19 (milk) normal volunteers by means of real-time ultrasonography (RUS) and scintigraphy, employed simultaneously. In each subject, saline and milk contained 37 MBq of diethylenetriaminopentacetic acid (DPTA)(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection and persistently normal alanine aminotransferase levels, liver fibrosis has been reported in 0-22% of cases and advanced liver disease in 5-10% of cases. AIM To determine whether patients with persistently normal alanine aminotransferase levels clear infection after anti-viral therapy at(More)
Autopsy frequently reveals gastrointestinal involvement in patients that have died from melanoma, whereas little evidence of the latter emerges in ante-mortem diagnosis and, even then, largely in connection with emergency situations: obstructions, bleeding or perforation. Moreover, the frequently asymptomatic character of gastrointestinal melanoma explains(More)
Recent advances in venous reconstruction allow the surgeon to bypass obstructive lesion of the venous system successfully. Because of low pressure and low velocity flow in the venous system, and adjunct temporary arteriovenous fistula appears to be essential for patency of the venous bypass. The existing data has shown that autogenous vein is superior to(More)
Retroperitoneal neurilemoma is an often asymptomatic benign tumor that is usually discovered incidentally. We report a case of retroperitoneal neurilemoma diagnosed via endosonographically guided fine needle aspiration and emphasize the importance of obtaining a definite diagnosis before surgical treatment.
BACKGROUND Prior studies suggest that platelet counts of <140 000/microL can discriminate patients with different stages of fibrosis. AIM To determine the added value of abdominal ultrasound analysis of morphological liver features in increasing the diagnostic accuracy of platelet counts for the prediction of liver fibrosis at histology. METHODS In a(More)
Splenic abscess is a rare disease whose diagnosis is difficult, though the use of modern imaging methods has increased diagnosed cases in recent years. We report a case of splenic abscess whose aetiology is unusual, namely, a gastric ulcer penetrating into the splenic artery and causing arterial thrombosis and septic embolism. Ultrasonography and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the adequacy of ordinary antisepsis in ultrasound (US)-guided free-hand fine-needle puncture. MATERIALS AND METHODS Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (n = 573) were performed in 456 patients. No puncture attachments, sterile gloves, or drapes or covers were used. Before each procedure the transducer was cleaned with a solution of(More)