Antonio Ghezzi

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In the context of growing interest in both Mobile-Internet convergence and Web 2.0 social technologies, this article investigates the business opportunities derived from offering Social Applications in the convergent scenario, particularly regarding Social Network and Content Sharing services. Given the business model structural deficiencies identified in(More)
Internet interconnection is the glue that holds the Internet together via bilateral network interconnection agreements of best effort (i.e. non-assured) quality. This study provides qualitative analysis and assessment of the multidimensional impacts of the recent proposals of introducing Assured Service Quality (ASQ) in the Internet interconnection (IC)(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t The mobile telecommunications industry is highly dynamic. Strategic, marketing and technological disruptive changes are the norm in this industry. In such a context, strategy formulation and implementation is a challenge for mobile network operators (MNOs). The aim of this study is to propose an interpretative framework(More)
Future Internet evolution requires innovative strategic stances and the design of original business models from actors involved in the ecosystem. The study focuses on Internet Carriers, recently striving to make their business sustainable , and proposes to enclose in a single reference framework all the critical levers, either consolidated or innovative,(More)