Antonio Garcia

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The antioxidant ability of thiol compounds has been the subject of much of the current research about oxidative stress. The direct scavenging of hydroxyl radicals by thiols has been suggested as their protection mechanisms. Nevertheless, the interaction of thiols with reactive radicals can generate thiyl radicals, which, in turn, may impart a pro-oxidant(More)
For large volume visualization, an image-based quality metric is difficult to incorporate for level-of-detail selection and rendering without sacrificing the interactivity. This is because it is usually time-consuming to update view-dependent information as well as to adjust to transfer function changes. In this paper, we introduce an image-based(More)
At a time when there is increasing attention being given to systematically integrating the well-being of children with the goals of safety and permanence in child welfare, little is known about the psychosocial functioning of foster youth transitioning to adulthood from substitute care. This article systematically reviews 17 peer-reviewed articles and/or(More)
In this paper, we present a GPU-based algorithm for reconstructing 3D wavelets using fragment programs. To minimize the data transfer and fragment processing overhead, we propose a novel scheme that uses tileboards as a primary layout to organize 3D wavelet coefficients. By accessing the tileboards with correct texture coordinates, Haar and Daubechies(More)
This study examined the prevalence of mental health and substance abuse disorders and service utilization among a racially and ethnically diverse group of foster youth. Self-report data on symptoms and service receipt were used to identify whether groups of adolescents defined by their race and ethnicity were equally likely to receive services given the(More)
Double frequency tests are used for evaluating stator windings and analyzing the temperature. Likewise, signal injection on induction machines is used on sensorless motor control fields to find out the rotor position. Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA), which focuses on the spectral analysis of stator current, is the most widely used method for(More)
Data needed to guide influenza vaccine policies are lacking in tropical countries. We multiplied the number of severe acute respiratory infections by the proportion testing positive for influenza. There were ≈6,699 influenza hospitalizations and 803 deaths in Costa Rica during 2009-2012, supporting continuation of a national influenza vaccine program.
Emotional speech recognition has been studied using different approaches, which some works use real emotions and other uses acted ones, usually real emotional speech databases include like two or three emotions and acted ones have five or more, for this work Berlin Emotional Speech Database [1] was selected due to its availability, which has 535 sentences(More)