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The relationship between physicians' research activity and professional performance was examined. We have taken into account their motivation, job satisfaction and the way that research groups are organized. Previous studies have shown that physicians' research activity has a positive effect on clinical practice. They also show that motivation and job(More)
The academic journals rankings are widely used for academic purposes, especially in the field of Economics. There are many procedures to construct academic journals rankings. Some of them are based on citation analysis while other are based on expert opinion. In this study, we introduced a methodological innovation to aggregate different performance(More)
Biomedical research significantly contributes both to social issues, such as improving quality of life and life expectancy, and to economic issues, such as employment. This is one of the reasons that explain the increasing demand for methods of assessing the socioeconomic impacts of research that would complement traditional methods of research assessment.(More)
Plagiarism is one of the most important current debates among scientific stakeholders. A separate but related issue is the use of authors’ own ideas in different papers (i.e., self-plagiarism). Opinions on this issue are mixed, and there is a lack of consensus. Our goal was to gain deeper insight into plagiarism and self-plagiarism through a citation(More)
The practice of publishing clinical trials in scientific journals is common, although not without its critics. This study aims to measure the effect of clinical trials citations on several bibliometric indicators: citations per document (CD); journal impact factor (JIF); relative h-index (RhI) and strike rate index (SRI). We select all the citable documents(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES This article examines, on the one hand, the impact of the cooperation between universities and industry on the performance of innovative activities conducted by pharmaceutical firms in Spain and, on the other hand, the article assesses the impact of universities as a source of information for the innovative activities of the(More)
5) Analysis. When you mention the qualitative analysis you talk about the instrument and how it was distributed among participants. First, I think these topics must appear in the methods section. Besides I wonder where is the instrument?, How many participants received it? As regards the “Statistical analysis of data” how have you determine the sample size?(More)
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