Antonio García-Martín

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Surface-plasmon-mediated confinement of optical fields holds great promise for on-chip miniaturization of all-optical circuits 1-4 • Following successful demonstrations of passive nanoplasmonic devices s-7 , active plasmonic systems have been designed to control plasmon propagation. This goal has been achieved either by coupling plasmons to optically active(More)
Radiative corrections to the polarizability tensor of isotropic particles are fundamental to understand the energy balance between absorption and scattering processes. Equivalent radiative corrections for anisotropic particles are not well known. Assuming that the polarization within the particle is uniform, we derived a closed-form expression for the(More)
Metal-dielectric Au-Co-SiO(2) magnetoplasmonic nanodisks are found to exhibit large magneto-optical activity and low optical losses. The internal architecture of the nanodisks is such that, in resonant conditions, the electromagnetic field undertakes a particular spatial distribution. This makes it possible to maximize the electromagnetic field at the(More)
In this Letter we show that nanostructures made out of pure noble metals can exhibit measurable magneto-optic activity at low magnetic fields. This phenomenon occurs when the localized surface plasmon resonance of the nanostructure is excited in the presence of a static magnetic field parallel to the propagation of incident light. The large magneto-optical(More)
We study how the magneto-optical activity in polar configuration of continuous Au/Co/Au trilayers is affected by the excitation of localized plasmon resonances of an array of Au nanodiscs fabricated on top of them over a dielectric SiO(2) spacer. We show that the effect of the nanodiscs array is twofold. First, it optimizes the absorption of light at(More)
The correlations between waves transmitted through random media are analyzed by use of a random-matrix approach and numerical simulations of rough waveguides. Although the intensity and conductance fluctuations are practically independent of the sample length, the correlations present a strong dependence on the length of the disordered region. In waveguide(More)
We report that the effect of an external magnetic field on the propagation of surface plasmons can be effectively modified through the coupling between localized (LSP) and propagating (SPP) surface plasmons. When these plasmon modes do not interact, the main effect of the magnetic field is a modification of the wavevector of the SPP mode, leaving the LSP(More)
The full distribution of the conductance P(G) in quasi-one-dimensional wires with rough surfaces is analyzed from the diffusive to the localization regime. In the crossover region, where the statistics is dominated by only one or two eigenchannels, the numerically obtained P(G) is found to be independent of the details of the system with the average(More)
A theoretical analysis of electromagnetic forces on neutral particles in a hollow waveguide is presented. We show that the effective scattering cross section of a very small (Rayleigh) particle can be strongly modified inside a waveguide. The coupling of the scattered dipolar field with the waveguide modes induces a resonant enhanced backscattering state of(More)