Antonio García-Guirado

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—As the number of cores in a chip increases, power consumption is becoming a major constraint in the design of chip multiprocessors. At the same time, server consolidation is gaining importance to take advantage of such a number of cores. Our goal is to alleviate this constraint by reducing the power consumption of chip multiprocessors used for consolidated(More)
Many-core tiled CMP proposals often assume a partially shared last level cache (LLC) since this provides a good compromise between access latency and cache utilization. In this paper, we propose a novel way to map memory addresses to LLC banks that takes into account the average distance between the banks and the tiles that access them. Contrary to(More)
Climbing Mont Blanc (CMB) is an open online judge used for training in energy efficient programming of state-of-the-art heterogeneous multicores. It uses an Odroid-XU3 board from Hardkernel [15] with an Exynos Octa processor and integrated power sensors. This processor is three-way heterogeneous containing 14 different cores of three different types. The(More)
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