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Two Matlab software packages for strain field computation, starting from displacements of experimental points (EPs), are here presented. In particular, grid_strain estimates the strain on the nodes of a regular planar grid, whereas grid_strain3 operates on the points of a digital terrain model (DTM). In both cases, the computations are performed in a(More)
The HVSR (Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio) technique is very popular in the context of seismic microzonation and for the mapping of shallow seismic reflectors, such as the sediment/bedrock transition surface. This easy-to-deploy single station passive seismic technique permits the collection of a considerable amount of HVSR data in a cost-effective(More)
Land subsidence of the Euganean Geothermal Basin, Italy, is a well-known process which is related to the geothermal groundwater withdrawal. Up to 1991 the maximum rate of land subsidence has been 1 cm/year as observed from precision levelling surveys. From 1991 to 1995 a decrease of land lowering due to a regulation of groundwater withdrawal has been(More)
Infrared thermography (IRT) can be used in remote recognition of potential weakening features of a rock cliff like shallow holes, high fracturing, moisture or material inhomogeneities, providing useful information for the corresponding rock mass geo-engineering characterization. A method aimed at such a recognition is proposed here together with its MATLAB(More)
The design phase of ground source heat pump systems is an extremely important one as many of the decisions made at that time can affect the system’s energy performance as well as installation and operating costs. The current study examined the interpretation of thermal response testing measurements used to evaluate the equivalent ground thermal conductivity(More)
The Euganean Hills of North East Italy have long been recognised as an area characterized by a higher than average natural radiation background. This is due to two main reasons: a) primary lithogenic radiation due to rhyolitic and trachytic outcrops, which are "acidic alkaline" magmatic rocks potentially enriched in uranium and thorium; b) secondary sources(More)
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