Antonio Gagliardi

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OBJECTIVE We characterized the impact of the metabolic syndrome (MetS) and its components on cardiovascular adverse events in patients with symptomatic chronic multivessel coronary artery disease, which have been followed prospectively for 2 years. METHODS Patients enrolled in the MASS II study were evaluated for each component of the MetS, as well as the(More)
Protein-tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) are important signaling enzymes that have emerged within the last decade as a new class of drug targets. It has previously been shown that suramin is a potent, reversible, and competitive inhibitor of PTP1B and Yersinia PTP (YopH). We therefore screened 45 suramin analogs against a panel of seven PTPs, including PTP1B,(More)
Boolean networks (BNs) have been mainly considered as genetic regulatory network models and are the subject of notable works in complex systems biology literature. Nevertheless, in spite of their similarities with neural networks, their potential as learning systems has not yet been fully investigated and exploited. In this work, we show that by employing(More)
An experimental study of 150 guinea pigs has been carried out to analyze the amino acid pattern in plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and brain tissue in acute hypoxia. The distribution of these compounds changed, and hypotheses about particular cerebral metabolic pathways involved are presented.
Protein catabolism, as measured by plasma amino acids is increased by amphetamine injection (15 mg/kg body wt) administered to 10 adult male guinea pigs. Changes in the cerebrospinal fluid were less marked than those in the plasma. The amphetamine seemed to inhibit the enzymes of the metabolic pathways that use amino acids.
There have been very few studies of frontal sinus development and its association with other growth parameters in humans. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship of frontal sinus development with somatic and skeletal maturation in a sample of Aboriginal Australians. The sample comprised 31 individuals, of whom 17 were males and 14 females.(More)
Diabetes is a chronic degenerative disease with no cure, is found in millions of people worldwide, and can cause life-threatening complications at any age. The plant Cissus sicyoides L. is a runner plant found abundantly in Brazil, especially in the Amazon. Its therapeutic properties are widely used in popular medicine as a diuretic, anti-influenza,(More)
OBJECTIVE Besides than in the control of developmental events, axonal adhesive glycoproteins may be also involved in functions requiring fine organization and connectivity of the nervous tissue. We previously demonstrated morphological alterations and functional cerebellar deficits in transgenic mice (TAG/F3 mice) ectopically expressing the F3/Contactin(More)
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