Antonio G. Lalusin

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A new MADS-box gene designated as IbMADS10 was cloned and its expression was characterized from sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) cv. Beniazuma. The deduced amino acid sequence of the gene indicated high homology with members of the MADS-box family of transcription factors. IbMADS10 shares high amino acid sequence similarity with the DEFH28 of(More)
Gamma rays using Cobalt 60 (Co) irradiation method was conducted to determine the sensitivity doses and response of in vitro propagated abaca to Banana bunchy top (BBT) and Banana bract mosaic (BBrM) diseases. Abaca cultivars (cvs) Tinawagan Pula (TP) and Tangongon (TG) were studied. Both cvs. had similar biological/physiological reactions to gamma rays(More)
Genome-wide association mapping studies (GWAS) are frequently used to detect QTL in diverse collections of crop germplasm, based on historic recombination events and linkage disequilibrium across the genome. Generally, diversity panels genotyped with high density SNP panels are utilized in order to assay a wide range of alleles and haplotypes and to monitor(More)
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