Antonio Gómez-Iglesias

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The next generation of supercomputers presents new and complex challenges that might require a change in the current paradigm of how parallel applications are developed. Hybrid programming is usually described as the best approach for exascale computers. PGAS programming models are considered an interesting alternative to work together with MPI in this(More)
Knowing about the requirements of HPC applications is a common question that users of high performance systems ask often. However, answering this question requires the collaboration of administrators and sometimes the answer does not contain the amount of detail that users demand. This work introduces a new user space resource monitoring tool, REMORA.(More)
The development of genomic resources of non-model organisms is now becoming commonplace as the cost of sequencing continues to decrease. The Genome Informatics Facility in collaboration with the Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC), NOAA is creating these resources for sustainable aquaculture in <i>Seriola lalandi.</i> Gene prediction and annotation(More)