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The effects of beta-amyloid peptide25-35 on resting membrane potential, spontaneous and evoked action potential and synaptic activity have been studied in basolateral amygdaloid complex on slices obtained from adult rats. Intracellular recordings reveal that perfusion with beta-amyloid peptide25-35 at concentrations of 400 nM and less did not generate any(More)
The medial septum/diagonal band region, which participates in learning and memory processes via its cholinergic and GABAergic projection to the hippocampus, is one of the structures affected by beta amyloid (betaA) deposition in Alzheimer's disease (AD). The acute effects of betaA (25-35 and 1-40) on action potential generation and glutamatergic synaptic(More)
A number of studies, in animals and humans, describe the positive effects of the growth hormone (GH) treatment combined with rehabilitation on brain reparation after brain injury. We examined the effect of GH treatment and rehabilitation in adult rats with severe frontal motor cortex ablation. Thirty-five male rats were trained in the paw-reaching-for-food(More)
Lesion studies have shown that the functional integrity of prefrontal and posterior parietal cortex is necessary for complex behavioural performance. Recordings were made from 137 prefrontal cells in awake cats. Parietal cortex stimulation affected fifty-four cells (39.5%); thirty-four (63%) increased and twenty (37%) decreased their discharge frequency.(More)
5th Workshop on Aesthetic Surgery of the Facial Skeleton will be held October 16-18, 1990 in Mexico City, Mexico. The clinical aspects of the most common disharmonies of the facial skeleton, including problems of the orbit, short and long faces, and A-P disproportions of the jaws will be presented. Participants will receive exposure to presurgical(More)
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